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2 Ways to Dress Simple but Stylish for Men

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Plain T-shirt with Jeans

Dress simple but stylish

There are several ways to dress simple but stylish for men. A plain color t-shirt is a great choice to style with a pair of jeans. Today, we found Martin Michelius on Instagram with this simple but stylish outfit. To start, you can look for a nice and comfy Marven plain cotton t-shirt made of 100% cotton.

Polyester material tends to make you feel uncomfortable when wearing it for some time. Martin Michelius looks great here because he has a nice physique. However, we can opt for an oversize plain t-shirt if we are fatter or slimmer from UNIQLO. This can hide our body shape and appears simple yet stylish. As for pants, a pair of simple but stylish ripped stretchable skinny jeans can be a good fit. Nevertheless, you can consider Levi’s SLIM TAPER FIT MEN’S JEANS if you prefer not to have ripped style jeans for certain events with a smart casual dress code.

Denim Jacket with Scarf and Sunglasses

dress simple but stylish

To add some style on top of a plain t-shirt with jeans, an ASOS design denim jacket with a CHECK WITH LOUIS WINTER STOLE made of 70% wool and 30% cashmere will be simple but stylish. Other than that, you can look cool and stylish with an AVIATOR CLASSIC from Ray-Ban. For shoes, a pair of simple yet classic Vans OLD SCHOOL skate shoes or Adidas Stan Smith Shoes will match perfectly. However, it is recommended to have the same or similar color for your t-shirt and shoes. In conclusion, it is easy to dress simple but stylish and the cost will not be too high depending on our choice for brands.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the photos and content are just for reference purposes only. If you like Martin Michelius, please follow him on Instagram @martinmichelius

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