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3 Ways to Dress Fashionable and Comfortable

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White Crop Top

dress fashionable and comfortable

Today, we are going to show how to dress fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Most of the time, it does not have to be uncomfortable to stay fashionable. You can always look fashionable with comfortable casual apparel and the popular colors are white and black. A plain white or black color crop top represents simplicity and it is easy to match with shorts, skirt, or long pants. Today, we feature Lea in our blog. She has proven to us that even a simple yet sexy white crop top can look fashionable with a gorgeous smile on her face. With a white crop top, it is also optional to wear a black color bra to partially show it through the white crop top, isn’t it pretty sexy?

Black Top with Jeans

dress fashionable and comfortable

For a black top, it is always nice to match with a pair of denim jeans. However, some of us find denim jeans uncomfortable. If that is the case, you can consider styling it with a pair of UNIQLO smart pants. In this way, you will look smart and casual without feeling uncomfortable. To increase the sense of fashion further, it would be great to wear a Gucci Marmont leather belt with a skinny buckle.

Long Sleeve Blouse

dress fashionable and comfortable

Another option to the above-mentioned styles is to add on a slightly oversized long sleeve blouse. A white color blouse would be good to bring out the sexiness of the black crop top like how Lea has done it perfectly in the picture. The blouse can be knotted as shown with 40% rolled-up sleeves for the slim ones. Otherwise, it would look good too to let loose the blouse with or without the rolled-up sleeves.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and the photos and content are just for reference purposes only. If you like Lea, please follow her on Instagram @lea.konrad.

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