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Blouses for Women

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What is a Blouse?

For women, blouses are formal looking tops that give you a smart look. There are a few ways to style it. If styled correctly, it can be a smart casual attire for your not so formal event.

To make it simple, a blouse is actually a female version of a shirt for men. Similarly, a shirt can be worn to work or a smart casual event depending on the design. It also needs to match the pants that you are wearing.

Blouse for Work

Striped Blouses for Women

One of the common but popular ways to work is to dress button-front striped blouse. A workplace usually starts from 9 am to 5 pm. It is important to stay formal and relaxed at the same time during these 8 hours. Some jobs require you to stay longer. A long sleeve striped blouse is comfy to wear for long hours.

Frill Sleeveless Blouses

If you are looking for a business dress code in summer, a thin sleeveless blouse with simple patterns printed can be a good choice. It will keep you formal and cool for a whole day. It looks great to style it with a plain skirt for formal. Alternatively, you can style it with high-waisted shorts for comfort.

Bow Tie Blouses for Women

For a formal meeting, men are always styled with a bow tie or necktie. For women, they can look formal and gorgeous at the same time with a bow tie blouse. It can be colorful for a smart casual event or a plain white bow tie blouse for a formal meeting.

bow tie blouse
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It looks better for a white bow tie blouse to match with a black tuxedo. It is optional to add more details like a flower on the Tuxedo.

Feel free to comment if you have your own styling tips for blouses to share!

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