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Zi Collection – Fabulous Fashion at $25

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Zi Collection is one of the accessories from the Paparazzi brand, a collection of necklaces with earrings. This is not just a normal collection of accessories, but it is really about the change! Zi Collection changes the way people look and feel. It is a fabulous fashion at $25 for everyday styling.

The features of Paparazzi products are:

  1. Lead-free and nickel-free
  2. One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel
  3. Always changing—buy it when you see it!

Zi Collection 2020


The Authentic consists of three groundbreaking tiers of faceted turquoise stones and dainty silver beads layer down the chest, creating bold layers. The earthy stones combine flawlessly with strands of silver chain, pioneering the way for the trendsetters everywhere. It also features an adjustable clasp closure.

Turquoise color is great to match dark-colored apparel. The Authentic stands out when you style it with a relaxed black dress. A black dress has an amazing slimming effect to make you look slim. When paired with the Authentic, the most suitable word to describe you is elegance. Its bold turquoise color adds a great sense of fashion to your simple black dress, making it an everyday simple yet fashionable look.

The Authentic from Zi Collection with oversized outerwear
The Authentic Styled with oversized outerwear

For those of you that dislike the black color, you can match it with other dark colors like amber or orange. To avoid being monotonous, oversized light-colored outerwear can be put on together with the Authentic.

The Arlingto

The Arlingto is attached to two strips of black leather, strands of bedazzled white rhinestone encrusted silver beads drape between an exaggerated display of mismatched silver and gunmetal chains down the chest. With its edgy sparkle, grunge meets glamour in this heart-stopping statement-maker. It features an adjustable clasp closure.

It is named after 2020 Rock the Runway winner, Arlingto L. Its long and loose design matches perfectly with a plain black long sleeve sweater. To increase the contrast, it is good to style with a pair of greyish silver jogger pants.

The Artinglo with long sleeve sweater
The Artinglo with long sleeve sweater

Other Zi Collections

Zi Collection: Fierce

The Fierce is an oversized collection of smoky hematite rhinestones haphazardly linked into clustered frames below the collar. Featuring swirls of dainty hematite encrusted frames, the stunningly stacked frames fan out into a flammable sparkle below the collar. It features an adjustable clasp closure.

The Fierce can be a great match between black and grey colors. It sparkles amazingly in these colors making you shine in a formal or smart casual event. It brings a classy feeling to your overall dress. For a smart casual event, you can match it with a black or blue blouse too and a pair of skinny pencil pants.

Zi Collection: The Heather

The Heather combines row after row of metallic blue beads swings from an edgy net of glistening gunmetal links, layering into an edgy fringe below the collar. Featuring flashy faceted edges, the mesmerizing beads spark and sizzle into a conflagration of sparkle below the collar. It also features an adjustable clasp closure.

After all, black apparels work with most of the colors for necklace and earrings. It applies to The Heather too with attractive glistening gunmetal links. They look like small ivory but in gunmetal color. Hence, it can be styled with white sleeveless blouse to bring out the details even more. It is optional to style a similar color outerwear depending on the occasion that you are attending to.

Zi Collection, The Heather with white blouse.
The Heather matched with white blouse

Zi Collection: Reign

From Zi Collection, the Reign looks simpler and less bulky compared to the rest. It has dramatic frames featuring tranquil teardrop and classic round white rhinestones delicately linked below the collar for a show-stopping look. A large teardrop rhinestone drips from the center, creating an unapologetic pendant that refracts the light for a blinding finish. Similar to others from Zi Collection, it features an adjustable clasp closure.

Shining like diamonds in teardrop shapes, it is suitable to dress with formal attires. Other than black apparel, a white V-neck blouse can be a good match. This represents simplicity, fashion and elegance at your workplace.

The Reign from Zi Collection with V-neck blouse
The Reign with V-neck blouse

Zi Collection: Mesmerize

The Mesmerize is encrusted in dainty white rhinestone frames, columns of glassy white gem-studded frames increase in size as they drip below the collar. Varying in size and number, white rhinestone encrusted teardrop gems link together as they trickle down the chest, creating a plunging fringe for a mesmerizing finish. It also features an adjustable clasp closure.

If you are attending a wedding dinner or a special function, you can consider the Mesmerize from Zi Collection. As perfect as it sounds, the Mesmerize will make you mesmerizing in front of all of the guests. It can shine with a cocktail party dress or fashion party dress. The only thing you have to worry about is stealing the attention away from the host!

Zi Collection: Ambitious

The Ambitious is a modern mashup of round, teardrop, and emerald-cut white rhinestones linked into jam-packed rows of jaw-dropping radiance. Attached to an interconnected gunmetal mesh backdrop, the clustered fringe fabulously drapes below the collar in a spellbinding fashion. It features an adjustable clasp closure.

Comparing with most of the necklaces and earrings from Zi Collection, the Ambitious is one of the few that looks great even when you are wearing a relaxed outfit! Not only it looks good with a V-neck dress, but a basic white tee with wide-leg pants can also bring you a fashionable and relaxed style. With Ambitious, relaxed outfits will look stylish and relaxing.

Ambitious from Zi Collection with relaxed outfit
Relaxed Outfit with Ambitious from Zi Collection

Zi Collection: Defiant

Suspended from the bottom of thickly layered chains, a rebellious mesh of silver links connect into an edgy V-shaped net. Tiers of dainty silver chains drape from the bottom of the net, creating radically layered shimmer across the chest. It features an adjustable clasp closure.

Defiant from Zi Collection
Defiant from Zi Collection

The design of the Defiant is long and flexible. Due to this large mesh of silver links design, it will look better with a dress with volume or a slightly oversize blouse. Unlike other accessories from Zi Collection, Defiant is silverish and not shiny. This maintains a good low-profile image with a sense of style.

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